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Situated at 4km of Sainte Lucie de Porto Vecchio, the Gulf of Pinarello is an attractive piece of heaven, sheltering a fisherman’s small port, a magnificent marine village and white sand beaches. At the origin of this port were the genoeses, who created Pinarellu with the aim of having a navy to export wood and charcoal.

Much appreciated by sailors or walkers, in high season Pinarello is livened up at day and night. Indeed, the marine village proposes all conveniences for a magnificent stay at the water’s edge (bars, restaurants, straw huts and accommodations…) and offers a wide panel of sports activities (jetski, sail, kitesurf, kayak, …) or cultural activities (concerts, strolls, historic sites…).

In Pinarello, everything is combined for unforgettable holidays in Corsica!


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In the entrance of the village, the St Joseph chapel, built in the 18th century, has been for a long time the main church of the nearby hamlets Cirindinu, Testa and Caramuntinu.


The gulf magnificent fine sand beaches:

The huge bay of Pinarello is lined up by a long and beautiful pine forest. At the end of the Pinarello island ” Isula di i Corsi ” raises a square tower, built at the 16th century. The construction of this Genoese tower began in June, 1573. It was placed forward to prevent and defend against barbaresques attacks and all other dangers coming from sea.

On Ruscana beach, close to the marine village, you find the  St Joseph Ex-voto. This offering was built in 1950 by Michel Chiocca in honor of St Joseph. Michel Chiocca, fisherman, escaped from a storm on a march, 19th (day of St Joseph).

At approximately 900 m of the coast, Ruscana island has a surface of 3150 m ² and peaks at 19 m. With its damaged morphology and its white color at top (provoked by excrement of sea birds) the island of Ruscana arouses a general interest.

It’s forbidden to go there, except with particular authorization of the state. It benefits from a ministerial decree of protection of biotope since october 2nd, 2000 (Natura 2000), which forbids everyone to walk on this ground.


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Pinarello Pinède

Pinarello Pinède

Pinarello Pinède

Pinarello Pinède

GG OCT 2017 Pinarello paysage

Ombres et Lumières Pinède

Ombres et Lumières Pinède

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Pinarello plage corsil

Pinarello plage corsil

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