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Zonza benefits from an exceptional geographical position. Situated in southern Corsica (Corse du Sud) it is one of the few areas to offer a mixture of both mountains and beaches for your holiday in Corsica. Made up of approximately 15 hamlets and several small villages, Zonza offers a vast and varied landscape totalling 134 Km2 Bavella and the other gems of the Corsican mountains A well-renowned spotlight tourist destination in southern Corsica since the 19th century, and situated in the heart of Alta Rocca, the Zonza village offers a panoramic view over the “aiguilles de Bavella” (peaks of Bavella) (1300m) and the Incudine mountain. High up in the villa, you will discover old granite houses, built on the rocky ground which dominates the village of Asinao, surrounded by chestnut, pine and cork-oak trees. The Zonza racecourse, which is the highest in Europe, shakes you with its summer horse-races, but that’s not all, you can also choose from activities such as tree-top obstacle courses, hiking, cycling, rock-climbing, swimming etc. Discover the most beautiful creeks and beaches in southern Corsica Sainte-Lucie-de-Porto-Vecchio, a coastal village of Zonza, offers a large range of beaches and other attractions. You can admire the Genoese tower (dating from the 16th century) overlooking the stunning beaches of Fautea and Lavu Santu. From the fishing village of Pinarello, you can benefit from some of the most beautiful beaches in Corsica, with their fine sand, such as Ruscana, which shares its name with the small white island found opposite these beaches. The long Pinarello bay is lined with an equally long and magnificent pinewood, at the end of which you have the island of Pinarellu (Isula di I Corsi) with its square-based tower dating from the 16th century. You also have available to you, a vast choice of accommodation, from the traditional to the more unusual. Gourmets visiting Pinarello can choose between traditional Corsican gastronomy or local fish and seafood. Finally, for the sporting enthusiasts amongst you, there is a range of activities to take part in, such as kite-surfing, paddle-boarding, wake-boarding, sailing and even boat rental in Pinarello.

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